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Jul 21, 2012 4:00pm PDT
academics. maybe you even know a pair of very smart twins. but erika has a story about quadruplets -- four siblings, each one of them qualified to join a club of intellectual superstars. >> they don't look exactly alike, but these teens have a very special bond -- they're quadruplets, very accomplished quadruplets. for example... >> [ speaking mandarin ] >> ...patrick, thomas, and alanna learned to speak mandarin chinese. >> sister moria focused on learning sign language instead. what makes this unusual is that they started learning these languages before they were even in kindergarten. >> i was told that most kids entering kindergarten couldn't write everybody's name in the house, couldn't tie their shoes, couldn't read, and didn't have an understanding of two other languages. and i didn't know that. i thought that they had to have these skills to go into kindergarten. >> by the time they reached high school, the crowley quads had a high profile in their hometown of wylie, texas. >> sit! >> in addition to service projects like training guide dogs, they've racked up a slew of accomplishmen
Jul 8, 2012 6:30pm PDT
about? >> i wrote this right after the twin towers went down. this was a poem i wrote for the next valentine's day. they could pump frenzy into air ducts and rage into reservoirs, dynamite dams and drown the cities, cry fire in theaters as the victims are burning, but i will find my way through blackened streets and kneel down at your side. they could jump a median, head-on, and obliterate the future, fit .45's to the hands of kids and skate them off to school, flip live butts into tinderbox forests and hellfire half the heavens, but in the rubble of smoking cottages i will hold you in my arms. they could send kidnappers to kindergartens and pedophiles to playgrounds, wrap themselves in old glory and gut the bill of rights, pound at the door with holy screed and put an end to reason, but i will cut through their curtains of cunning and find you somewhere in moonlight. whatever they do with their anthrax or chainsaws, however they strip-search or brainwash or blackmail, they cannot prevent me from sending you robins, all of them singing -- i'll be there. >> a year after 9/11 in that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2